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I have a lot of different feelings about a lot of different things. Some of them are good, some of them are bad. Some are happy and some are sad and that... that is how you turn yourself into a Dr. Suess book. I like video games a lot and am posting about them a lot more--I'm always open to try new games so suggestions are welcome!

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Video Game Challenge → [4/?] Female Characters
✗ Isabela (Dragon Age)

“‘And then Isabela went to the Chantry and saw that it was boring.’ Canticle of Isabela, stanza one, verse one.”

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I feel like this is irresponsible posting because people are going to see this and be like, dude, Ima go explore the treasure pit but no, no you’re not.  It’s on a place called Oak Island and the Island, for the most part, is owned by two brother who have made it their life’s goal to successfully excavate this treasure pit—there was even a show about it on the History Channel called The Curse of Oak Island.  It’s a curse because every single person who has tried going down to get the treasure (that they really don’t’ even know is there) has died.  Horrible coincidence or not, they’re dead.  So please, these brothers have spent upwards of millions of dollars to finally solve this mystery with no luck and if you want to read more then by all means look it up, but please don’t just put up something like this that will get people wanting to be the first to successfully explore it and get the treasure.  They won’t.  At the least they’ll get arrested and at the most they’ll be dead so… lose-lose.

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I’m a vegan and srs if you make your pets vegan you’re a fuckhead

Reblogging because i need to have this futurama gif set on speed dial.

Don’t fuck with your animals diets please, hippies.

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Chris Evans drinking in the Heineken House at the US Open on 8/26/14

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“Have killed many, Shepard. Many methods. Gunfire, knives, drugs, tech attacks, once with farming equipment. But not with medicine.”

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Infamous: First Light

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  • Merrill: I don't know what to do know. I should go to the clan. Someone needs to come take care of her.
  • Hawke: -loots the keeper's body-
You never know how sick you are until you try to recover.



"Blood mage Rowan Hawke has had too many conflicts with the Templar Order. This leaves us no choice but to let him undergo the Rite of Tranquility. He is simply a danger to Kirkwall and to himself."


More on Rowan

They hadn’t even bothered to hide what they had done. They had simply dropped him off in the middle of the Hightown market for everyone to gawk at. It was a clear message by Meredith, Rowan Hawke had grown too powerful, and she was not going to allow a mage to have any sort of power in her city. It was also a clear message to all of the mages in the Gallows, there was no hope for them.

It was Aveline who found him, standing there, the Circle robes they had forced him into drenched from the rain. The only mercy the Maker seemed to have for them was that no one had been around to see him. Rowan may have never hidden his blood magic, but he would not have wanted anyone to see him like this.

Clenched in his right hand was a note. “Blood mage Rowan Hawke has had too many conflicts with the Templar Order. This leaves us no choice but to let him undergo the Rite of Tranquility. He is simply a danger to Kirkwall and to himself.”

Despite her desire to storm the Gallows, Aveline had taken him home then and asked Bodahn to summon the others. Of the group Fenris was the last to be told, on Aveline’s orders, and the last to arrive. She had wanted to give Anders, who was called first, a chance to look at him and see if there was anything that could be done. Anders stricken face when he had seen Rowan had confirmed all her fears. Rowan as they knew him was gone.

By the time Fenris arrived everyone had already said their goodbyes to Rowan, the man standing in the room with them was no longer Rowan Hawke. It was hard on them all, most were in tears; Varric was comforting Merrill while Isabela and Aveline took comfort in each other, the others shouldered their own grief.

The doors banged open announcing Fenris’ arrival. His chest was heaving and his hair dishevelled, and to everyone gathered it was obvious he had run to get here. The sound of it caused Rowan to look up, the only real reaction anyone had seen from him since they’d found him.

“Hawke.” Fenris’ voice was barely above a whisper but it seemed to echo through the room. Everyone knew about their relationship and how it had just recently been rekindled. Fenris’ grief seemed so much worse sue to this.

With shaking steps he walked toward reaching out to cup Rowan’s face. “Rowan…please…say something.”

“You are upset.” The words were dull and disinterested, it was the same tone that any tranquil would use. Other than the brief flicker of interest at his entrance, there was nothing in his gaze.

Rowan’s comment only seemed to upset Fenris further. His hand against Rowan’s jaw was trembling. “She will pay for this.” He vowed, before pushing himself up to press his lips chastely to Rowan’s. “I swear it.”

There was a moment of silence then and a sense that something was about to happen. Everyone seemed to be holding their breaths.

“You made me make a promise…” Fenris’ voice is chocked. “On what to do should this ever happen.” Pulling Rowan down and holding him as though it were the last time, Fenris allowed his hand to glow and slid it into Rowan’s chest. “This is the only freedom I can offer you.” It did not take long, one squeeze, a startled gasp from Rowan and Fenris was left sinking to the ground with a limp body in his arms. With a scream of grief he clutched it to his chest, not caring that everyone could see him cry.

There was nothing that mattered anymore.